Pest control during COVID-19 is more important than ever
for your health and safety.

Prevent pest-spread infections from running rampant

Keep your family, staff, and/or customers safe

Fast and Efficient service, with minimal disruption.

Limited or ceased trading due to COVID regulations?

Switch to a Reduced Activity Maintenance Service to keep pests in check until you re-open.

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Don’t suffer the consequences of letting your pest control program go.

It’s risky to let your pest control lapse

Few people realise the number of diseases and illnesses pest control techs are preventing on a daily basis. From gastroenteritis, leptospirosis to typhus fever, we’re actively eradicating pests carrying infection to keep everyone healthy.

At a time when infection prevention and health are critical, it’s essential you keep up with your service to protect your family, your staff and customers, and the wider population.

It’s safe to use us

We deal with biological hazards and infection control on a regular basis, so you can trust us to keep you safe from COVID-19 when we treat your premises.

We use PPE and have strict hygiene controls, and you are welcome to view our SOPs to see just how carefully we operate.

Limited or ceased trading?

Switch to a Reduced Activity service

If you’ve had to stop trading, don’t let pests invade your premises. Instead, switch to a lower cost Reduced Activity service.

We will continue only with the parts of your program needed while you’re unoccupied, so that pests don’t overrun your premises while you’re gone.

Call 8371 1277 to book your next appointment or update your program.

Stay healthy. Stay protected.
Stay on pest control.
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